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About ClockBox

ClockBox is a Mac OS X screensaver that will display any of several various clocks (showing the actual time) as your screensaver. You can also easily create your own custom clocks and use them in ClockBox.

Please note: ClockBox is for Mac OS X 10.8 or greater only.

The story behind ClockBox

ClockBox grew out of the popular screensaver NeonClock. After some time, I wanted to try some new clock styles. Eventually this led to a clock screensaver that would allow you to try various styles without difficulty.

Give it a try and download it today…

ClockBox Annoucements

Release of Version 1.2:

  • ClockBox is free!

Release of Version 1.1:

  • Support for glass, frames, shadows, sound, and more for analog clocks!
  • Three new clocks included:
    • Wall Clock
    • Double Digits
    • Fat Fingers

One response to “ClockBox”

  1. Greetings to you! I’m writing to you in regards to ClockBox.

    After performing an extensive search for well-produced, customizable screen saver clocks, I found your initiative among the better offerings. Kudos!

    In every location that ClockBox is referenced (CNET, Macupdate, etc.), there is an accompanying passage that mentions the ease with which custom clocks can be produced. In taking a look at the ClockBox.saver package, however, and opening the deliverable in XCode, I’m somewhat lost.

    The “.clock” option selections appear to be proprietary file types in nature, and the “ClockBox.dat” file is throwing me for a loop. What developmental tool did you utilize for producing ClockBox?

    I love your work and I’d love to easily create custom clocks…just like the ClockBox description touts!

    I sincerely appreciate your time and consideration. Again, great job on the concise, and well-executed, code production.

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